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Serving Toronto and Greater Toronto Area

여러분의 가정과 비지니스에 토탈법률솔루션

제공하는 부동산/상법 전문 변호사


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신창민 변호사

Our office specializes in helping corporations, small businesses and individuals with all their legal needs and help you in all your personal and business endeavors.

In order to provide easy access to Korean and other immigrant communities of Greater Toronto Area, our office is conveniently located at "World on Yonge" business complex in Thornhill, ON. 

​7191 Yonge Street Unit 905   

Thornhill, ON L3T 0C4 CANADA

(World on Yonge)    

Mon - Fri 9:30am - 5:30pm

Closed Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays

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저희  신창민  변호사  사무실은  개인  및  스몰 비지니스,  회사에  필요에  따른  다양한  법률 서비스를  제공하고자  합니다.  


광역토론토 지역에  있는  한인  및  이민자  커뮤니티의  편리한  접근을  위해  저희  사무실은  쏜힐  "월드온영"에  위치하고  있습니다.